An Introduction to the Mind of Dr Ardis

Hi everybody, my name is Dr Bryan Ardis. I would like to first thank everybody who either viewed or shared the video I did last Monday, that was a video over my thoughts and recommendations on the COVID-19 virus. I thought it was important to share my ideas of how to boost the immune system and help prevent you from first of all getting a virus like that, and then secondly, how to boost your immune system to help your body eliminate it. And then some of those signs and symptoms you might have as your body’s actually eliminating an infection such as the COVID-19 virus.

This video is to actually set the stage for all of my future videos. This will actually be a part of what I call The Doctor Ardis Show. It’s going to be based primarily on the ideas of health and wellness. There might be some spirituality stuff thrown in there too because I believe there are emotions and spiritual aspects to help in healing also.

So this video is really to introduce everyone I haven’t met or who hasn’t met me, and who were not patients of mine for the last 15 years. This is really to get everyone who watches me or decides to watch me or share my videos…this is really an introduction to the mind of Dr Ardis. Most people don’t think the way I do. It’s not that I’m unique or have a special mind. I know processes just a little bit differently than most when it comes to the realm of health and the ideas around health. So to set the precedence for all the future videos, I decided to let you in on a little bit about how I think, how my mind operates, how I think. So number one, I just want you to be aware that I have an appreciation for the medical field.

I am actually a chiropractor and a licensed acupuncturist and I do a lot of nutritional therapies in my practice. Now I want to set that precedence because I do not think all of traditional medicine is evil. I do not think that it’s all conspiring to do bad, but I do have an appreciation for medicine and I want to share what those things are so that I don’t hear a backlash from people that I have no respect for traditional medicine or as they call it, conventional medicine, because it’s absolutely not true. There’s very few things I think that are extremely beneficial and necessary when it comes to the field of conventional medicine. Those things would be this. How miraculous are antibiotics, right, in the world of health. There’s really nothing that touches the power of antibiotics to help us clear bacterial infections, which is brilliant to me.

So a huge breakthrough in the world of health and healing are antibiotics. Do I believe we overuse antibiotics? No… I KNOW we do. So the overabundance and overuse of antibiotics is just atrocious, but the beauty and the power of antibiotics to be used short term to help address bacterial infections is just incredible. What a blessing. Number two, I think brilliance when it comes to medicine is the life saving procedures in the worlds of hospitals and trauma units and ER units. If you’re in a trauma accident, you’ve gotten shot, you’ve gotten punctured, there’s no other field you need to go see than these guys. They really are top notch in their life saving capabilities. Now also in that same scenario, there shouldn’t be any medications you have to go on for the rest of your life after life’s traumas, or an experienced trauma in which you’ve had some medical intervention to save your life.

There should not be a continuous treatment for the rest of your life. You should be able to recover and heal based on the help that you’re receiving medically. Thirdly, I just can’t think of anything more incredible in the world of medicine than anesthesia. I mean, what a huge benefit that if you’re going to have surgery, that you can actually take a medication that can put you into a deep level of sleep or unconsciousness that will allow you to actually go through that entire procedure, unknowing how much pain you would be experiencing. I just think that’s incredible. Anesthesia. There is a fourth thing actually I have to mention that I think is incredible. There is a Drug in the world of medicine called Ivermectin. Ivermectin, you may have seen some things approached and put in the media about its impact on the COVID-19 virus.

I’m not going to speculate or talk about that at all, but Ivermectin is brilliant as a medication that’s used throughout much of the world outside of the United States to address internal parasitic infections. And it is my belief that the majority of all autoimmune conditions in this country including Sjogren’s, fibromyalgia, lupus, I do believe these primarily are created by underlying microscopic parasitic infections. And Ivermectin is great at fighting parasites, and it’s awareness and use within humans is around the world. It is not as appreciated and it is understudied medically in this country, the United States. But these things medically I think are just amazing and incredibly beneficial. Some medical tools, medical medicines that have been found and discovered actually can help us. So I’m not all negative against the medical profession, but I do want you to understand where I’m coming from in the future shows or the future videos I put out.

You’re going to kind of understand how it is that I think so that you know where I’m coming from when I produce these videos and make the future statements. This is my opinion, my opinion alone, but after 15 years of experience, I’m pretty sure this is accurate. Anytime an individual is put on a medication, a prescribed medication, that prescribed Drug should never (in the idea of Dr Ardis) should never be given longer than a three month period after three months or even before that, but at least after three months you’re going to start to see detrimental effects on two major organs, your kidneys and your liver. These two organs are responsible for filtering out toxins out of your body. Your liver is going to detox toxins out of your blood, put those toxins into your small intestine to release it through your large intestine where you’re going to poop it out.

Your kidneys filter out water through the blood and then filters that into urine where you’re going to pee it out. So these two organs are responsible for filtering out your blood and then actually excreting toxins and infections through the bowels and through your urinary system. If you’ve ever watched any Drug commercial ever, you’re going to hear these phrases. Once you start this Drug, make sure your medical doctor checks your kidney and your liver functions often. There’s a reason why they tell you this. This is a very nonchalant legal way of saying we already know the Drug long term is going to destroy your liver and your kidneys, so make sure your medical doctor is checking your liver and kidney enzyme functions regularly, every three months, every six months typically because they’re going to start to see liver and kidney enzyme activity go up, which means there’s now destructive issues effects going on inside those two organs due to the medicines.

So I believe personally that all medications should be used short term, less than three months. If you’re taking it long term then the real issue of why you have the symptoms anyway is obviously not being addressed. And I come from a mindset where I’m like a little kid. Someone comes to me with symptoms, I want to know when did it start, what was the first one, and then see if I can work backwards to figure out what might be the cause to give you those symptoms. There was this law we all learned. It’s called the law of cause and effect. The effects in our lives healthwise are going to be the symptoms that we carry. There is always 100% of the time, there is a cause for your symptoms. The problem I have in the world of medications and conventional medicine is most diseases, no medical doctors even in their specialties, doesn’t matter if they’re endocrinologists, it doesn’t matter if they’re Gastroenterologists, which are bowel doctors? It does not matter if their rheumatologists, let’s just stick with rheumatology for a second. It doesn’t matter if you went into a rheumatology clinic and pulled a pamphlet off the wall that was an explanatory pamphlet over rheumatoid arthritis or over Sjogren’s or fibromyalgia or lupus. These are all rheumatoid issues. If you went into those clinics and you actually opened the pamphlet to learn more about these conditions. The very first paragraph of every single pamphlet that I’ve ever seen, and I’ve gone into those clinics to look at them, it just blows my mind that in the very first paragraph you’re going to read, we do not know the cause for rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, Sjogren’s. It doesn’t matter what their conditions are, it will tell you we do not medically know what is the cause for these conditions.

Well, they will also read, there is no known cure, but these are your treatment options. Now this is what I have a problem with. If I had a problem and I went into a clinic and that clinic was given me educational material or the physician was actually telling me, we don’t know what causes this problem, we don’t have a fix for it, but we want to give you these medications to treat your symptoms. There is no part of me that wants to actually sit there and take those recommendations. Why? Because I live in a world of cause and effect. I actually believe there’s a cause to every symptom we ever experienced. For example, if you actually got food poisoning, you’re going to get diarrhea. Guess where the diarrhea came from? That is the effect of food poisoning and your body and its brilliance is eliminating it out of your body as fast as possible so the poison doesn’t get into your tissues to affect your other vital organs.

The human body’s great, but the symptom is actually diarrhea. If people live with chronic diarrhea and we’d call this IBS, for example. Medically you are told there is no known cause and no known cure for this issue, why would you continue to see this doctor who is telling you, we actually don’t know what’s causing it. We don’t know how to fix it, but just take these Drugs. To me, it’s not even logical. I have issues with that in any realm, in the world of medicine or healing, and it’s not just medically. If I heard that from an alternative or natural healer, if they said to m, “we don’t know how to fix your problem, and we don’t even know what’s causing it, but we can do some therapies for you.” I wouldn’t want any part of that. Sofor years I liked using analogies to help people understand my thought processes. Okay, so here we go. Here’s Dr Ardis’ mind. It’s always been in his mind. It’s just how I am. I want you to picture yourself, I’m going to teach you a story. I’m gonna teach you through story. Jesus used to teach through these things called parables, which were stories. One of my favorite ones was the parable of the talents. The purpose of stories was to actually present things as a metaphor or as an analogy so that we could logically understand the lesson. So I’m about to give you my analogy on the way we treat our bodies health-wise primarily. Now I already understand that there’s a lot of people, that’s gonna be watching this video who have been patients of mine for 15 years and they’re going to understand Dr Ardiss has this alternative, natural healing thought process behind everything. But this is where it comes from.

I was raised in a home where there was no chiropractic, never a supplement given to me. It wasn’t in my parents’ mindset that this was even an idea that they needed to accept. They went along as the majority of 90% of Americans do that medical doctors will just give you your medications, they’ll prescribe whatever drugs you need to handle your symptoms and just trust that. I mean, we did. So it wasn’t until I was actually in my late twenties or mid twenties when I was first even experiencing a chiropractic adjustment for the first time ever. So the first 20 years of my life waw just medications, vaccines, you name it. That’s what I was given. So I wasn’t raised that way. I was actually raised with a medical mindset to trust the medical doctors. So when I say that I don’t trust them, I’m just going to tell you where my mind has transitioned to and what reality and logic has replaced this idea I was raised with.

All right, so this is really how I see life. This is really how I see my body. It’s really how I see my children’s bodies and everyone else I would have loved and taken care of for years. But I need you to put yourself into this story. I need you to start thinking about the idea in which maybe you haven’t had one before, but I need you to think about this. You were given a brand new car at some point in your life or you had a brand new car. Everything functioned just perfectly. You loved your car, you love the way it drove. You took care of your care and you always take it to its service appointments. All service appointments, service, scheduled appointments, so you made sure all your oil changes were done right, your brakes are always checked, you always got it inspected every year and everything was fine. And then about a year or two later into having this car that you’ve been loving to appreciate and experience, all of a sudden that car starts to have a rattling noise underneath the hood.

You can tell it somewhere in the front engine department and while you’re driving, this rattle just continues and continues, but you don’t know what the issue is. So you talked to some of your friends about mechanics they may know, or you call your parents and see if they have a recommendation of where you might take your car to see what’s causing this rattle noise that’s annoying to you. You’re not enjoying the experience of driving your car as much as you used to because of this rattling noise. So you are given a recommendation or referral to the greatest mechanic in town that you’re getting recommended to. So you take it trusting your friend’s referral and you go to this mechanic shop and you drop off your car, you explain to the mechanic what’s going on with your car. It didn’t do this before and now it’s doing this loud rattling noise.

And then the mechanic says, okay, great. Leave it with me, I’ll do an inspection on your car. We’ll evaluate it. We’ll do a multipoint inspection and we should be able to figure out what’s wrong with it. You leave the car overnight, you come back, they’ve spent a couple of hours checking and doing all the diagnostic testing they could on your car. You come back in for your followup to pick up your car or find out what’s wrong with it. And this mechanic you’ve been referred to looks at you and says, I’m sorr, we don’t know what’s causing the rattle in your car or in your engine compartment. It is obviously there. We don’t know what’s causing it. There is no fix for it because we don’t know what’s causing it. But there is a solution to help you experience driving without the actual sound. And you look at them, you say, okay, what’s your solution?

And he pulls out a bottle and he hands you a bottle that he opens and then pours into your hand two earplugs and then he hands you the bottle. And on the bottle it actually says a prescription for rattle-itis. Now -”itis” just means inflammation of, and now there there’s too much rattling going on in the car. And the mechanic goes on to tell you, this is just something that happens to cars. We don’t know what causes it. We don’t have a fix, but we do have this solution for you so that you can experience driving your car like you did before. And you’re looking at these two earplugs real mysteriously because you know there’s something wrong with your car, you’re sure of it. There’s something causing the rattling in your car, and you’re looking at two things, this expert handed you to stick in your ears. Now, there are some known side effects listed on this bottle for the earplugs.

One of those is a warning. You’re not going to be able to hear your radio anymore or enjoy your radio while you’re driving your car, but at least you’ll have silence on your drive. Second warning is you won’t hear oncoming traffic. You won’t hear ambulances, fire trucks, police cars, all of that stuff. You won’t hear many things s o some of these things will be impeding your ability to drive more effectively or safely, even. You look at the guy thinking he’s ridiculous. But you take the actual earplugs with you, but you’re not going to put them in your ears because you just think it’s ridiculous. You look at the guy and you say, look, I’m going to take my car now. You pay him for his exam and you Drive off only to experience the rattle to continue that day, the next day, the next day on the way to work, on the way to school, wherever you’re going.

And it’s just annoying you to death to drive your car. You remember how the car used to drive and now the experience of driving is horrible. About two days later you start realizing that this is getting real annoying and you can’t stand it anymore. So you take those earplugs, you doubted all along and you stick them in your ears and miraculously all the rattling disappears and the experience of driving is better! You can’t enjoy the radio or hear incoming traffic but once again the drive of the car is pleasant. No different than it was when you first got the car. So this is great, right? Only you’re doing this for about a week, sticking these earplugs in your ears so that you can drive your car and not hear this noise for this rattleitis.

And then all of a sudden a week later, smoke starts coming up from your engine and you take this car back to the same mechanic because you were referred to them. The mechanic says, Oh for sure we’ll be able to figure this out, most likely! You leave your car overnight we’ll check it out. Come back tomorrow in the morning. You come back the next morning and he says to you, our top mechanics overlooked the car we completed an inspection. But we can’t see what the cause of the smoke is. We can’t tell what is causing the smoke and therefore, we don’t have a fix obviously cause we don’t know what’s causing it. But we do have something that will help hide the smoke so you don’t see it. So at least you’ll be able to drive without seeing the smoke. And he shows you a roll of duct tape and then proceeds to duct tape shut all the seams of your hood all the way along the top fender on the right and left, and then across the front of your car and then the vents on the top of the hood up close to the windshield and he says, now you’d be able to drive your car and not see any smoke. The smoke will be blown out the back instead of coming out in front of your Drive so it won’t affect you and you won’t even know it’s there. Now, as dumb as this sounds to me, this is exactly how I feel about the majority of people going to a profession that is physically telling you to your face, “I know your body used to feel great and you had no symptoms. I know now you were having symptoms, but we don’t know what’s causing those symptoms. We don’t know how to cure it, but we do have a name for it. We call it diabetes. We call it lupus. We call it gout, we call it whatever it is.” I can’t stand the idea of not having someone take an approach to look at what’s the underlying cause for your symptoms. 100% of the time there is something causing your symptoms.

Now in the scenario I was giving you, it’s going to get to a point where you as the owner of the car are going to know the guy you’re coming to that you think is the expert, has no answers for you, so you’re going to take that car to someone else. Most likely you’re not going to tell your friends or your family because that’s not who they recommended you to. So in secret you’re going to start going to every other mechanic down the street or around the block until you find someone who actually can tell you what’s the underlying cause and restore your car back to normal so then you can enjoy all the aspects and amenities of your car just like you did before. This is how I look at traditional medicine. Far too often it appears to me that you are told there is no known cause, no known cure, but there are these treatment options that typically are medications that you have to live on for the rest of your life.

I’ve already stated earlier. I personally believe medications have their place short term to give you relief while you go look for what’s causing your symptoms. Like in my scenario, you could wear your earplugs for a day or two while you traveled around to different mechanic shops until you found someone who knows how to work on your exact car. And has actually seen your problem before and in our own personal world far too often we don’t do that. Especially when it comes to our bodies. Your body is the car you’ve known how your body feels, how it operates, what pleasures it gives you your entire life, what activities you can do with it your entire life. Then all of a sudden symptoms start. Pain, burning, diarrhea, IBS, constipation, headaches. It doesn’t matter what it is. All of a sudden something starts happening to you that is unfamiliar to your body before.

Why would you ever, ever, ever in my mind, why would anyone ever go to a place where they’re telling you, we don’t know what causes this condition. We don’t have a cure for this condition, but here’s some drugs we can give you to hide the symptoms for a while. While those drugs continue to destroy your body over time. Your body is designed to actually take in three things every day that makes it actually function normally and well. Those three required things are air, water and food. Three things only air, water, food. To the degree we take in quality, air, quality, food, quality, water our body is going to run better and be healthier, period. The lower quality air, food, and water we consume, the less healthier this body’s going to be. Now, I’ve said this for years to patients. I have never actually heard this stated, but I have heard this, what I just stated.

I have heard there’s three basic things every human body needs to survive. You can either survive well or survive ill.   The quality, air, water, food, or not quality air, water or food. It’s those three things. Never in my life have I ever heard that there are four things that your body requires to survive. I have never heard this. I’ve never heard that, our body requires air, water, food, and prescription drugs to survive. I’ve never heard it. I’ve never heard that said yet. The majority of our people in America are living on air, water, food, and medications every day. Medications by nature are patented substances that are not natural, so you can’t patent something that’s natural, so this human body is natural. To put things in that are not natural. It is going to start disrupting processes in your body period and you’re going to start to develop symptoms.

I actually had an incredible professor in chiropractic school who was a medical doctor named Dr Perryman. He taught our pharmacology course and he actually came in on day one. This is a medical doctor in chiropractor school teaching pharmacology, which is the study of drugs and we had to understand as chiropractors what people are on because it could be creating some of their symptoms and we could educate them about that. This medical doctor actually retired from practice after 20 or 30 years because he realized the more he treated patients with medications, the sicker they got, not the healthier that they became. And this is not an isolated case. There’s a lot of medical doctors who got into their field to actually help people. And then when they realize they’re in private practice, they actually aren’t seeing that they are getting patients healthier by using the treatments or the drugs they were prescribing.

But these things over time are going to deteriorate your body and he got tired of watching this. So Dr Jim Parker who started Parker college of chiropractic asked Dr Perryman to come and teach pharmacology at the chiropractic school. I went to Parker college on the very first day of class,he comes in and this is what he says. “Welcome to pharmacology. First thing you need to understand about pharmacology is, and the first thing you need to understand about prescription drugs is, that there are no side effects to medications, there are only effects. This has been replaying in my mind for years since I heard it, I mean at least the last 20 years when I was in chiropractic school. So remember this, there are no side effects to medications, there are only effects. Then he would go on to explain that every drug has a myriad of multiple different impacts or effects on the body.

When we take it, every time a new drug comes out and they start doing human clinical trials, they will give the drug to individuals typically 20 to 30 years old who are healthy without any symptoms of any kind and any known diseases. They give them those medications and then they have them chart what symptoms do they get as a result of being on this medication? They want to know that first before they start giving it to unhealthy people who have an issue health-wise. So they give this to them for six months or a year typically and they have them chart down everything that happens to them as a result of starting the drug. And when you get your medication prescribed to you and you look at your list of side effects, these are all the known things that happened to healthy people when they started taking this drug.

The side effects aren’t what the drug companies or md’s want to sell you on to take the drug, those are not the beneficial things, these are all the negative stuff that happens. So just in case there’s a new migraine drug for example, and they gave that new migraine Drug to a whole bunch of patients, or not patients, but volunteers who are in their twenties to thirties who never had headaches. They give it to them and then all of a sudden they start having all these crazy symptoms. They list those as side effects, but they did see a benefit to some people who had headaches, which is great. But the multiple side effects are the negative ones that are the negative outcomes of taking the medications from research. So remember there are no side effects to medications there are only effects! So if you look at your side effects, you just need to know the majority of people who took that drug during the research periods had these symptoms come up over time as they took them.

And just think about all the side effects you hear about in commercials, that you read in the ads, in newspapers and magazines, or hear on the radio announcements that you hear. There’s just tons of side effects. If you want these side effects to occur in your body, take that drug for however many years you want to, eventually your body’s going to actually develop those issues. So when I talk about my issues with medications, when I start to bring up my ideas on health, you’re going to understand where I come from. I come from a cause and effect relationship. When it comes to your health, I mean always and immediately I’m gonna start thinking what could be the cause, that caused your symptoms. If you remove the cause, you no longer have the symptoms. Symptoms as a collection are then termed a defined name called a diagnosis, right? You collect all the symptoms that this individual is having and then you put it in a database or you as the doctor come up with a name for it, and then that’s what you have for the rest of your life because there is no known cause or no known cure for that issue.

That is not how my mind goes. So I hope this helps you understand who I am, why I think the way I do. I mentioned in my previous video that there’s eight things I’m always looking for that can be those causes for the effects or the symptoms you might be experiencing in your life and that is now being called a disease. Those eight things are number one food allergies, which are most commonly corn, soy, wheat and dairy, and you can actually do what’s called a food allergy elimination diet. You remove those four elements from your diet for a week or two and then pick a week and introduce one of those back into your diet and see if for example, dairy creates the symptoms you had before and if they do, you know you have an allergy to it and so on and so forth. Number two, stressor that we commonly find is the cause for patient symptoms are infections.

These are infections that live in our body and have never been handled. Those can be bacterial infections, viral infections, fungal infections and parasites. A number three stressor can be toxic chemicals is what we always looked for. Toxic chemicals are in your shampoos, conditioners, you name it, they’re all over the place. Vaccines have chemicals in them, medications are considered toxic chemicals for some people. And then number four, stressors, heavy metals and heavy metals would be anything from aluminum, mercury and lead most commonly. But there are other ones and a lot of them. So those could be the issues. And there’s ways of testing that actually. And then number five issue is scar tissue. I don’t know if you have an appreciation for this, but they’re actually scars on the outside of your body. And when you have cuts for surgery or stitches for an injury, those actual scars on the outside of your body can impact acupuncture meridians which are rivers of energy called acupuncture meridians run throughout the skin and those scars can block that energy that’s supposed to be nourishing our organs underneath. There are a lot of women who I’ve seen throughout the years who have had hormonal issues since giving birth or having surgeries. The most problematic scars we found that were impacting women’s thyroids for example, and their pituitary glands are C-section scars, gallbladder removal scars, and then perineal tears, which are the tears you have when you give birth. And as soon as we actually heal those scars our patient’s symptoms would disappear. It’s pretty miraculous. So scars are a big deal. That’s number five. Number six would be emotional stress. So psychosomatic issues are mental stress concerns that actually cause physical symptoms and this is well known and well documented. And then number seven would be misalignments in your spine. This is chiropractic issues, but your brain controls every organ in your body through nerves that run through the spinal cord and then go from your spinal cord and control every organ’s function in your body.

If there’s a problem between your brain and those organs, it’s usually at the spine. And if you get chiropractic adjustments, that can actually alleviate most of the issues you have. If it’s a misaligned spinal vertebrae issue, that’s chiropractic, but that can be a cause for symptoms. And then number eight would be mineral and vitamin deficiencies. And in my practice for 15 years, that is exclusively what I used to feed the body, what it needed to repair and heal itself. And then we used other things to help detox for removing infections and boosting the immune system. But these are the eight things we always look for. That can be the common cause for your symptoms. That’s what you’re going to learn for the rest of my shows is you’re going to hear my ideas, not really my theories, but my ideas around my clinical experience, each individual issue, concerned illness, disease that we’ve approached to help them nutritionally and health wise and alternatively. This next Monday I’m actually going to start doing these videos. Every Monday is my intent. This next Monday is going to actually be a Dr Ardis Show on a theme I have thought about for years, worked on for years, researched for years. I’m gonna actually do this around different topics every month. This just happens to be national autism awareness month. I have a nephew that was diagnosed with autism when he was two years old or a little bit younger than that. So I’ve taken an interest in autism for a long time. I’ve researched autism for a long time. So knowing that this is national autism awareness month, the month of April, next Monday, I’m going to give you Dr Ardis’ thoughts on autism. Out of an appreciation for the awareness month that we have coming up. So if you’re interested in my thoughts on that, join us next Monday and I’ll send this out on Facebook. Eventually. I’ll start putting all these on YouTube too, so people not on Facebook can have access to them also. But, for now, I hope you have a great week! To your health and to your life. I hope it’s awesome. I am Dr Ardis signing off.

Dr Bryan Ardis