Ardis™ Acne System

3 Products, One Mission: Your Acne’s Extinction!

Ardis™ Acne Treatment Drink

The world’s first ever Acne Treatment Drink that provides Acne sufferers the exact nutritional elements required by the body to stop the production of Acne anywhere on the body!  These nutritional elements include specific minerals, vitamins, and herbs that have been independently tested and shown to assist the body to stop making Acne! There are specific minerals such as Selenium, Chromium, Vanadium, and Zinc that our body is supposed to get, from the plants and land animals that we eat.  Acne prone patients, it has been shown in research studies that span decades, acne sufferers are deficient in one or all of these minerals. One quick lesson on minerals, minerals are found on and in the earth’s crust, in the earth’s soil. So when plants are planted they draw in minerals from the soil, as they absorb water through its roots, it also draws in minerals that are found in the soil, along with the water.  Plants do not make minerals, plants only gain minerals when they absorb them into themselves from the soil they are planted in. Now imagine, if you continue to plant and harvest plants in one patch of soil, then replant new plants in the same soil, without replacing the minerals the previous plants absorbed, then each next generation of plants planted in that same plot of soil will be more and more and more minerally deficient.  And that is exactly why Acne has become such a prevalent problem now on this planet. As humans, we are becoming more and more deficient in minerals for two main reasons.

Reason One: Our farmlands have less and fewer minerals over years and years of plants, being planted and harvested.  Each plant and their roots absorb minerals that we need to live, from the soil they are planted in. Each year of new plants, the soil becomes more and more minerally deficient, which leads to more and more minerally deficient plants.  Which in turn creates mineral deficiencies for the animals and humans that eat those plants. In fact animals like cows eat grass and feed, and their food over time is more and more minerally deficient and when we eat the minerally deficient beef,  we are eating less minerally rich beef as a result.

Reason Two:  Less and less of us are eating whole vegetables and fruits.  Our global society out of convenience and addictions have become a carbohydrate and processed food eating group of humans.  When you process any plant into some form of food, their minerals and vitamins are stripped from the plant in the processing of it.  Fewer minerals in processed food, the fewer minerals inside of you. This is why a high carbohydrate diet has always been linked to acne.  High sugar/ high carb diets have little or no minerals. And as you have learned here. Lack of minerals in the body causes the body to make pimples, zits, blemishes, and acne!

If you have acne, you have mineral deficiencies contributing to, and causing your acne.  Good news now though, for the first time ever I have created a daily Acne Treatment drink packet, that will provide your body the vitamins and minerals, that your body requires, to stop the acne once and for all! You may be wondering how long do I have to take these minerals to keep my acne away?  You need these minerals every day for the rest of your life! You should drink these packets of minerals every day for as long as you want to keep acne off your face! When you see how fast your acne clears up when drinking your acne treatment drink.  You will be tempted to stop drinking it, that is ok if you stop it, just know that the minerals your body has used up every day for the body to do all of its daily functions. So if you stop the Acne Treatment Drink and you notice within a few weeks that you are getting small amounts of acne popping up again.  You now know your body is running out of its minerals and the fix will be to start drinking your Ardis™ Acne Treatment Drink again! The skin is a reflection of your mineral and vitamin amounts inside your body. If you want to make your Acne Extinct! Take your Ardis™ Acne Treatment Drink every day!

Ardis™ Acne Cleanser

Acne sufferers.  It is essential that each of you clean the skin on your face and body to improve acne. Our pores on our face and body produce oils and trap dirt.  Sweat gets trapped in our pores also, and for most females, makeup is applied to the face and neck daily.  If you have acne it is essential that you clean your face and pores every day, to clear your acne and improve your overall skins health.  Ardis™ Acne Cleanser should be used to wash the areas of your face and body (wherever acne is found) twice daily. Morning and NIght is preferred for absolute best results!  Simply apply the cleanser to the skin and wash, rinse with water, and then dry. Every time you clean your skin, let it dry. Once your skin is dry apply Ardis™ Acne Treatment Cream!

Ardis™ Acne Treatment Cream

Now that you have feed your body the nutrients daily that it needs to make your acne extinct. Secondly, you have cleaned your skin and pores with our Ardis™ Acne Cleanser.  The third daily step is to apply Ardis™ Acne Treatment Cream to all the areas you have acne!. Apply the cream at least twice daily to all acne areas.  If you have a very severe case and want even faster results, apply the cream up to 5 times daily!! For the majority of clients, twice daily is plenty for optimum results and you should apply the cream, directly after using our Cleanser.  The Ardis™ Treatment Cream has a proven combination of natural plant extracts that have been shown clinically, and in research studies, to either perform as well as, or outperform, any acne drug or OTC acne treatment on the market. The main ingredient is actually extracted from the Sea Buckthorn Plant.  In a Pakistani study, it was found that Sea Buckthorn Oil outperformed both antibiotics ( Minocycline and Tetracycline), and the prescription acne drug Accutane. Sea Buckthorn Oil outperformed each prescription in less than 4 weeks! That is just one of a list of proven individual plant extracts included in our Acne Treatment Cream that is proven to kill your acne.  Our Ardis™ Treatment Cream also contains several minerals that are in our Drink formula. Your skin also absorbs the acne fighting minerals through its pores and delivers those minerals to the rest of the body through the bloodstream to even further enhance and speed up your results. Your Acne Extinction Begins Here! Order Ardis™ Acne System today!